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Forever Us

may our friendship last more than a lifetime ♥

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An RP of the boys daily life with good friends, imagination takes us off and never leaves us undone!
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This is a community created for an RP game of Dong Bang Shin Ki, a legend in our hearts. We love leader Uknow Yunho shi’s responsibility, Jaejoong’s blunt personality, Junsu’s contagious laughter, Yoochun’s romantic heart and Changmin’s UFO replies straightforwardness. They are all about uniqueness but more they are kind heart and modest people. They are more than we can ever ask for and our love toward them cannot be expressed by words. ♥

With that said, let me start with some introductions.

In this RP, we play DBSK’s real lives so our number 1 rules is BE AS REALISTIC AS POSSIBLE!

Our members are trying their best to play this out naturally, now a list of the members who will be carrying out this RP.

Yunho -
Jaejoong -
Junsu -
Yoochun -
Changmin -

♥Some Suju members to keep the game going♥

Kim Kibum -
Eunhyuk -
KangIn -
Sungmin -
Hangeng -
Eeteuk -
Will add more if needed:

♥Some other people♥

MCs -
Interviewer -
Others if needed -
If you are a part of the game, you may post on this community, in fact please post as much as possible to keep it going. Be creative and remember to tell people about this, the more the merrier~ ^__^

Donna yume wo Mirareru no?

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